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wish 0.0.7

Kelvin Omereshone

I wrote the first version of wish - the OAuth hook you wish exists for Sails - when I needed GitHub OAuth flow for

With wish, initiating the authentication flow by redirecting to the OAuth provider requires just a single line of code in your Sails action 🤯.

return sails.wish.provider('github').redirect()


I’m excited to introduce the latest release of wish - v0.0.7 🎉

This release introduces Google as an OAuth provider.

I have been eager to work on incorporating Google as an OAuth provider since the first release of wish, but I lacked the motivation because I didn’t have any use case for it.

However, given the need to support Google OAuth flow in The Boring JavaScript Stack’s mellow template, it was the ideal opportunity to integrate Google as an OAuth provider into wish.

The redirect flow remains unchanged:

return sails.wish.provider('google').redirect()

For detailed instructions on configuring a Google OAuth flow in your Sails application, please refer to the Google section of the README.

✅ Upgrading

To upgrade simply run:

npm i sails-hook-wish@latest