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The Sailscasts Company launches

Kelvin Omereshone

Some time ago I announced on Twitter I am working on Sailscasts - a platform to teach the Sails framework to help more people build out their ideas on JavaScript/Node.js

The journey to delivering Sailscasts has been(and it’s still) interesting; I quit my job to focus fully on this project as I think I got something here. Sails is the most efficient way of building web service/application I know on Node.js. Companies like Postman and Paystack also share this sentiment(I believe) as they use Sails in production with a lot of success to it.

Speaking about the successes, Paystack has been acquired by Stripe for a whooping $200M and Paystack runs on Sails!

I imagine a nearest future where anyone with a viable idea can build out an MVP with one language - JavaScript through the help of Sails.

In order to drive this vision to actualization, allow me to introduce The Sailscasts Company

The Sailscasts Company is set to pioneer mass adoption of the Sails framework. We think Sails can help build businesses for anyone with a viable idea! Here is what we will be doing at The Sailscasts Company

Building and nurturing Sailscasts

We believe educational resources and community is important for the adoption of any technology so we will have full-throttle on delivering Sailscasts and putting out quality educational resources and growing the Sails community at large

Building developer toolings for the Sails ecosystem

We want to make it easier than it already is to develop using Sails by creating open-source tools for developers to employ in their day-to-day Sails journey

Serving as a workforce to help businesses build faster

We get that most times Companies won’t have the engineering power to build their idea. In that light and to meet that need we will be offering custom platform/application development services to these companies. Our team will help build MVPs, provide consultation services, and even internal training for the engineering team of these services if they want.

Building of products on Sails

We want to walk our talk. Since we are asking you to build on Sails, we also will be building our products on the Sails platform (Sailscasts is just the beginning)

The above and more are the motivation behind The Sailscasts Company and we are excited to deliver our first vision - Making Sailscasts a reality and giving it to you the developers to have a place to learn how to build your ideas using a language that can be likened to be the Ugly Duckling but now the language of our future - JavaScript

I am pretty pumped about this. You can let me know what you think on Twitter