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The Sailscasts Blog

The Sailscasts Blog is live

The Sailscasts Blog is meant to augment Sailscasts with quality articles for developers to step up their game with production ready server-side JavaScript and of course tips and tricks on Sails.js.

Some time ago, I announced publicly that I would be building Sailscasts - a platform for JavaScript developers to learn server-side JavaScript and the Sails.js framework with quality screencasts targeted at teaching real-world techniques, practices, concepts and patterns.

Though the Sailscasts platform will be launching on March 17th, 2021, I am pleased to announce that the Sailscasts Blog will be churning out quality articles on server-side JavaScript and the Sails.js framework. It should be your go-to place for the latest on techniques, best practices, tips & tricks on server-side JavaScript development and more.

What you should expect

You should expect to learn concepts, tips and tricks on server-side JavaScript, the Sails.js framework for Node.js and more.

Also the Sailscasts Blog will be where you can get announcements about the Sailscasts.

I can't wait for you to start getting quality server-side JavaScript articles from the Sailscasts Blog. Do stay tune.

P.S: It's always pleasing to get feedbacks from you. Do tweet at me!

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