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Tales from the very first Sailsconf

Kelvin Omereshone

I still remember the day I conceived the idea of Sailscasts (the company) hosting and organizing a global Sails conference called Sailsconf.

Prior to Sailsconf 2021, I have never hosted a conference before and my mind was all over the place with worry about how to really put this together.

However, equipped with my love for Sails and amazing support from Mike McNeil and the Sails core team and community, I forged ahead to make Sailsconf 2021 a reality.


In all honesty I am humbled by the line up of speakers Sailsconf 2021 was able to present.

We had our BDFL - Mike McNeil, Founders and Co-founders of companies I respect and admire a lot that uses Sails for their products and just amazing developers and industry leaders.

See for all Sailsconf 2021 speakers.

Early days tales

From Mike’s opening keynote on the first day it was obvious that Sailsconf 2021 will be filled with amazing information and inspiration.

Mike took us through the early days of Sails and Sails Co. and I couldn’t help but feel grateful and admire the sheer willpower used in giving us this amazing framework - Sails.js - against all odds. He also emphasize that Sails is not dead and will be around for a really long time(to my delight 😎).

Companies succeeding with Sails

Another interesting keynote was by Ezra Olubi of Paystack told us that Paystack has been deploying Sails in production for their public facing Web API since January 2016 and currently serve 23 Million requests daily. Get the full gist here

Also Ankit Sobti of Postman in his keynote told us how Postman has been using Sails since 2014 and now runs over 40 microservices all powered by Sails and now serving over 15+ million users world-wide.


The above are just the highlights of what went down at Sailsconf 2021. I encourage you to take out time to watch all the talks and I’m sure it will be worth it.

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Oh and I really want to thank the vast Sails community, Sailsconf 2021 won’t be success without you all and looking forward to seeing you all in person/virtually for Sailsconf 2022.

Sails rock 🤘🏾