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Shipwright 0.1.0

Kelvin Omereshone

In this release of Sails Shipwright, the much-requested DX of HMR (Hot Module Replacement) and live reload has finally been shipped πŸš€.

As an old Sails user, I’ve grown accustomed to hitting refresh like a caveman, so HMR and live reload weren’t necessities for me πŸ˜…. However, for newer Sails users joining via The Boring JavaScript Stack, HMR is a must-have.

Sails Shipwright, built on Rsbuild as the modern asset pipeline for Sails, now offers HMR and live reload for full-stack Sails apps, courtesy of the custom dev server feature introduced in Rsbuild v0.5.0.

Also see the full changelog on GitHub.

βœ… Upgrading

To start enjoying the DX of HMR and live reload in your Sails applications and in The Boring JavaScript Stack, simply upgrade sails-hook-shipwright in your project.

npm i sails-hook-shipwright@latest -D