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Sailsconf is coming

Kelvin Omereshone

To me Sails.js has been one of those technology that gets out of your way and allow you build out your ideas.

From my first encounter with the framework to building out Sailscasts, I have literally been in love with the technology.

So you get a picture of how proud and pumped I am that the very first Sails conference ever is kickstarting tomorrow the 23rd of June, 2021.

Though I would love to meet amazing Sails developers from all over the world in person, Sailsconf 2021 will be an online event spanning 3 days of talks from speakers like Mike McNeil the creator of Sails, Ankit Sobti the CTO of Postman, Ezra Olub the CTO of Paystack amongst other outstanding speakers.

Sailsconf 2021 is set to be attended by over 300+ attendees, 3 Keynotes, and 9 talks

On a personal note, Sailsconf is a dream come true for me and I’m proud The Sailscasts Company is able to host it and we plan on doing this every year as we celebrate the Sails.js framework and her ecosystem and community.

So if you haven’t already go grab a free ticket and See you at Sailsconf 2021.

P.S: You can follow Sailsconf on Twitter for live updates about the event.