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Sailsconf 2022 is coming

Kelvin Omereshone

Ahoy! the second edition of Sailsconf is coming in a couple of days and I’m super pumped that we have the opportunity yet again to celebrate this great framework that empowers developers and businesses to build their ideas in a matter of weeks.

From my first encounter with the framework to building out Sailscasts, I have literally been in love with the technology.

So you get a picture of how proud and pumped I am that Sailscasts is able to host Sailsconf for the second year in a row.

Do come expectant as we have a wild variety of talks that should be of interest to all Sails developers and the broader Node.js/JavaScript communities at large.

Like last year, this year will be an online event spanning 3 days of talks from speakers like Mike McNeil the creator of Sails, Gustavo Garcia the CTO of QualityHub, amongst other outstanding speakers.

The event kicks of 22nd June with the keynote from Mike McNeil

Secret project

I will also be unveiling a secret project(or projects) I’ve been working on to the Sails community with my talk on How I want to build full-stack Sails apps

So if you haven’t already, go subscribe on YouTube as all talks will be premiered on the Sailscasts YouTube channel

Happy Sailsconf!

P.S: You can follow Sailsconf on Twitter for live updates about the event.