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Sails 1.5.5

Kelvin Omereshone

This release of Sails merged a PR that fixed the broken custom inspect implementation on sails.helpers.

Prior to this release, the custom inspect which makes the output of sails.helpers pretty on the console, was broken due to the breaking change on how Node let’s you implement custom inspect on objects.

Here is how Node previously let you do custom inspect on objects.

With Sails 1.5.5, this has been fixed.

🤖 machine 15.2.3

The 1.5.5 release of Sails also includes the fix on machine 15.2.3 which is a core dependency of Sails and also had this custom inspect broken for example when inspecting helpers sails.helpers.fs

You can check out the What’s new in Sails 1.5.5 screencast on YouTube.

Also see the full changelog on GitHub.

✅ Upgrading

To upgrade to Sails 1.5.5, run:

npm i sails@latest