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Sails 1.4.2 release

Kelvin Omereshone

A patch release of Sails - v1.4.2 was cut out recently. This release merges a PR which fixes a Node warning you may have experience if you are runnning Sails on Node 14 or higher.

Getting this release

In order to upgrade to this release, you will need to do the following:

Upgrade the Sails CLI

You need to upgrade the Sails CLI so new Sails projects you generate via the CLI will have the latest version of Sails and it’s dependencies. Simply run the below command in your terminal:

npm i -g sails

Then run:

sails -v

This should output:


Upgrading existing Sails project

Most likely you have an existing Sails project you’d like to upgrade to this release.

To do this, you will need to ugrade the sails dependency to version 1.4.2 and the sails-hook-orm to version 3.0.2. Do this by running:

npm i sails@1.4.2 sails-hook-orm@3.0.2

Another way is to simply remove the entries for sails and sails-hook-orm in your package.json and run:

npm i sails sails-hook-orm --save

Or you can simply do:

npm i sails@latest sails-hook-orm@latest

To get the latest major versions of both sails and sails-hook-orm


Now if you’ve done the above upgrading steps you can run sails lift in Node version >= 14 without the Circular dependency warning.

Happy Sailing…