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Introducing sailscasts.com 2.0

Super excited to announce a whole new rewrite to sailscasts.com powered by simple technologies

I wrote a couple of words on my experimenting to make building fullstack apps with Inertia and Sails.

I'm super pleased to announce that the experiment was a resounding success and sailscasts.com curently run on this stack.

The new stack

  • Sails
  • Vue 3
  • Inertia.js
  • Tailwind CSS

This stack is powered by inertia-sails - an Inertia server side adapter for Sails

Hybrid payments

The stack isn't the only thing that has changed with sailscast.com. Sailscasts.com now support what I like to call hybrid payments.

What this means is that you can now buy a course and own it forever along side having a subscription or not.

I really like this flexibility as I want anyone no matter the budget to have access to the courses and resources on sailscasts.com. Here is a course you can buy today on getting started with Waterline.

Course teasers

Another thing I'm excited about with the new sailscasts.com is the ability to now watch some lessons in a course as teasers which sort of give you a feel of what to expect in a course before committing to either buying it forever or grabbing a Sailscasts Solo or Pro membership. Check out this teaser

Here is to simplicity

I'm super pumped to deliver this new version of sailscasts.com to you all and looking forward to creating more courses as this stack now makes working on sailscasts.com much more simpler!


If you are interested in building an SPA like https://sailscasts.com powered by Inertia, you should check out create-sails - the modern way to scaffold a fullstack Sails apps with your pages being powered by Vue, React or Svelte components right in your Sails app.

Happy coding

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